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We bring doctors together
Bringing practice seekers and practice sellers together - that has been the goal of our practice exchange since it was founded in 2015. Today, more than 5000 doctors use this offer every month. With each new ad, the doctor's exchange becomes even more attractive - the more ads, the greater the network effect. The winner takes it all. Become part of our success story!

find desired practice

Colleagues can find the right medical practice tailored to their needs on the country doctor exchange. Our target group are all resident doctors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our clear ad structure helps to quickly and easily record the key data of a medical practice - from the exact location on the Google Maps map to the medical infrastructure in the practice environment.

Increasing digitization among young doctors
Print media for finding a practice are increasingly falling out of focus for young practice successors and training assistants who use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. It is easier to find the right practice successor for your practice sale online than through print media - with the help of our doctor exchange.

What makes the country doctor exchange so attractive?
In addition to the quality of the practice ads, which we check individually, our practice ads are characterized by valuable additional information. Each advertisement contains an earnings calculator, in which the successor to the practice can estimate his profit after taking over the practice. And with the help of the purchase recommendation calculator, practice sellers can assess the attractiveness of their medical practice.

Indispensable tools for buying and selling a practice
Using the medical infrastructure maps, those who sell the practice can carry out geomarketing and a location analysis before selling the practice in order to be able to present their practice appropriately: What other specialist areas, pharmacies, health care professions and retirement homes are nearby? 

Be conveniently informed about new interested parties
With the alarm or notification function, you can be informed automatically and free of charge by email about new prospects in your practice and then contact colleagues. Handover made easy!

Representation wanted
Our range of advertisements is constantly being expanded. We now also have practice representations in our portfolio.

ARZTBÖRSE - We bring doctors together.

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